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The New Jersey Section of the American Water Resources Association (NJ-AWRA)
The 2017 Excellence in Water Resources Management Awardee

Musconetcong Watershed Association Hughesville Dam Removal Project

Primary Partners: RiverLogic Solutions, LLC, International Process Plants & Equipment Corps, USFWS, NJ Corporate Wetlands Restoration Partnership, NJ Audubon, NJDEP Division of Fish and Wildlife, The Watershed Institute, Princeton Hydro, Inc.

Location: Pohatcong, Warren County and Holland, Hunterdon County

In 2016, the Hughesville Dam was removed from the Musconetcong River. The removal is part of a larger partner-based effort to restore the 42-mile Musconetcong - a designated “Wild and Scenic River” – to a free-flowing state. The 150 year old 12’ high timber crib structure was out of compliance with NJDEP Dam Safety Standards and was creating a blockage to catadromous and local fish passage.  The benefits of the project included 1) removal of a public hazard, due to the deteriorating nature of the dam, 2) elimination of a heat sink of the impoundment, 3) restoration of floodplain functions and values, 4) restoration of native stream substrate and habitat, 5) restoration of migratory fish passage access, and 6) increase in river fishing opportunities.  Removal of the dam was completed in December 2016.  Since its removal, shad, a benchmark species indicative of the overall ecological health and diversity of the waterway, have returned to the river.

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