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New Jersey Section of American Water Resources Association (NJ-AWRA)

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The Aquaduct - Winter 2012

Message from the President

Welcome to the Winter Aquaduct!  The 2012 Board is pleased to announce a new incentive for members.  Our members are our best advertisement, so start telling your friends and colleagues about NJ-AWRA!  Starting January 1st and running until the Annual Meeting (held in December) the member who recruits the most new members will either have their dues waived for 2013 or the option to receive a free NJ-AWRA polo.  All members need to do is keep a list of all of the members they recruit; bring that list to the annual meeting and the member with the most recruits wins.  Participating members are encouraged to attend, but need not be present to win.  If you are not present the list must be in the board’s possession at least 24 hours prior to the annual meeting.  All disputes will be decided by a majority vote of the current board (conflicts not withstanding).  If the winner chooses a polo as the prize, they must pick it up at a meeting or from a board member (or appropriate designee).

What better way to get the word out about NJ-AWRA than from our members?  In addition, welcome emails now go out to all new members, so once you have recruited someone they get an email explaining all of the benefits of membership, not that you didn’t already tell them!

Other exciting news for 2012:

·         The annual Past Presidents Meeting will be held Friday, March 23, 2012 at the USGS offices on

Bear Tavern Road.  Gary Sondermeyer of Bayshore Recycling will be speaking.  If you see a Past President, tell them about the meeting and encourage them to attend, we always love hearing what they are up to!  

·       Our first joint meeting with the South Jersey Branch ASCE  will be held on April 19th,.  This dinner meeting will include NJDEP, Assistant Commissioner, Marilyn Lennon as the guest speaker. 

·        The board is planning a rain barrel workshop, hopefully in May.   

·        The board is also working on continuing the Center for Watershed Protection Webinar Series.  These webinars are offered to members at greatly reduced rates and in some instances for FREE! 


These are just some of the great events planned for 2012.  All of these member only events are coming soon, so keep an eye out for those emails.  If you have any other suggestions participate in our next Section Meeting, on February 17th.  This month’s Section meeting is a conference call.  The board is always looking for more ideas and benefits for its members.


Lastly, I would like to encourage members to check out our Wild Apricot (WA) website: .  This is where you will find the membership directory, copies of the previous versions of the Aquaduct, Section awards and information on upcoming events. 


If members have any questions about this or any other NJ-AWRA matters please do not hesitate to contact myself or any of the other board members (contact info on our website).  Don’t forget the next submission deadline for the Aquaduct is April 12th.  Send your submissions to

Yours Truly,

Virginia Michelin

NJ-AWRA Section President

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